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New window painting method

I have a client in West Knoxville who sells car audio systems, remote starters, and stuff like that. I painted both of these windows; having been warned about black on glass by other painters. I’ve done it a few times in 30 years, never had a problem; plus, the window is under a large overhang, and the sun doesn’t hit it much. The problem was that the window had an existing BB hole in it. When the sun hit the window, a very irregular crack came across the glass, starting at the hole. The window was replaced, and I decided to put the painting on fluted plastic, called coroplast.The reason being that the flutes will act as insulation to keep the black away from the glass. I used two sided tape carefully and sparingly applied to hold it on the glass. I installed it in cold weather, and from what I know about these things, if it holds in cold weather, it will hold in warm weather.

Not Boring anyway…

This isn’t a recent picture, but it’s so neat that I have to post it. It belongs to a business in Oak Ridge TN. I didn’t do the work, it pulled into the parking lot where I was working. The ears are hinged and fold back.
The picture below is for the new RR depot near Cumberland Ave. I painted the logo first, then the floor grey afterwards.

Recent jobs,November 2014

I needed to make a wreath on 4 doors at Lumberjack Feud in Pigeon Forge. I ended up experimenting with stencils as much as I could. That saved time. One of the stencils was a felt table decoration shaped like a wreath. More details can be seen at: Wreaths step by step. They’re painted on adhesive vinyl.
I was called by a popular restaurant in Seymour to paint their new logo on pine boards in the old distressed way. The picture here isn’t great; but I’m very pleased with the result.
While I was at Craven Wings, I noticed a print place next door. I occasionally need this type of service, and it’s nice not having to drive to Knoxville to get it. Their site is: ZippyPrintz.

Cleaning a caboose

I was called about cleaning the red caboose on the riverfront in Knoxville TN. The streaks were not coming off with the usual methods, so I had to experiment. I wondered if the streaks were concrete dust from the rebuilding of the Henley Street bridge. What ended up working was a fine 800 grit sandpaper with an adhesive backing on a 6 inch dual action sander.
When I started working, the “Vol Navy” was there, and later, a large millipede (?) was walking across the sidewalk.