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Green stepside completed

I finished the ’64 (?) Chevrolet truck. That was a neat project. Had trouble figuring out the colors of the “Custom Homes” on the wood. We talked about plain block lettering on the middle board, so this was a surprise for them when they showed up. One of those kind of things that they either like or don’t like; so there’s some  risk in experimenting like that.  More pictures can be seen at:

Chevy Truck Page



Neat old truck

I enjoy historic things, so it’s a pleasure when I get a project like the current one. This stepside pickup truck belongs to Lamon & McDaniel Builders Inc. I’m putting distressed lettering and graphics on it, in a retro design, of course. More info as the job progresses.

Their website


My first glass gold job…

Over the years, I’ve done a number of gold leaf applications; but they’ve all been surface gilding. That’s what you see on antique firetrucks, signs and carriages. Applying gold to glass is an entirely different process, and a bit of a learning curve.  The gold for both is usually almost pure; I use 23k, 24 being pure. Alongside the gold in this photo is copper leaf, which looks better in person. My digital camera doesn’t record copper things very well.

This is over the entrance door of Locke Plumbing, on Broadway, in Knoxville Tn.






















Sign painter, gold leaf glass, Knoxville Tn.

What it’s about…


thanks for dropping by. Different perspectives yield different views; the bird flying high above has a view that the pedestrian doesn’t. The man in the skyscraper has a world apart from the delivery driver. This blog is about the things noticed by an old school sign artist; and my efforts to help other people get noticed. My work is anything but routine, and the same can be said of situations I encounter. So do return and see what’s different. Thanks,

Jim Donahue